The House

Dating back to the 17thCentury, Castle Grove’s iconic main house is rich in history and steeped in tradition.

The Williamite Wars were a time of political turmoil in Ireland and Castle Grove’s precursor was destroyed during the siege of Londonderry. It was later replaced by Castle Grove’s main house in 1695.

The building was once frequented by Irish political activist Daniel O’Connell, a leading figure in 19th Century Ireland. It also featured in the life of Richard Montgomery, who served as a General in the American Revolutionary War of Independence.

In 1989, the Sweeney family took up residence in Castle Grove, proudly transforming the property into a luxury, four-star country house retreat while upholding its traditions by respectfully maintaining the character, elegance and beauty of the original house and its tranquil and expansive surroundings.

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