The Walled Garden

Castle Grove’s historic 19th Century Walled Garden provides the perfect setting to produce fantastic homegrown produce within the grounds of the estate.

Dating back to the 19th century, the adjoining garden cottage was originally home to three full-time gardeners who assumed responsibility for developing and maintaining a working garden at Castle Grove. This area also provided a peaceful sanctuary for Lady Grove, who often spent relaxing afternoons in this part of the estate.

These days, the Walled Garden provides a sheltered onsite environment, enabling us to grow fruits, herbs and seasonal vegetables for use within our Michelin recommend restaurant. We also grow our own beautiful cut flowers for decorative use throughout the house while our home-grown strawberries feature as the key ingredient within our very own signature Strawberry Gin.

We are happy to accompany guests for a gentle stroll through the Walled Garden so feel free to express your interest at any time during your stay and we’ll be delighted to accommodate.