Our Culinary Philosophy:

Celebrating Tradition

At Castle Grove, we hold traditions, both time-honoured and contemporary, in high regard.

Our kitchen is a tapestry of culinary traditions that include age-old techniques like salting, curing, and pickling. These practices pay homage to our rich Irish food heritage, preserving and passing it down through generations.

Our unwavering dedication to sourcing ingredients from our own Walled Garden and the bountiful landscapes of Donegal has earned us the distinction of being a certified member of the Donegal Food Coast initiative. This commitment ensures that every dish we serve embodies the essence of our local region.

Tables in the dining room set for service
Tasty Salmon dish in our restaurant in County Donegal

Our Culinary Approach:

Elevating the Dining Experience

At Castle Grove, our goal is to create lasting memories through exceptional service and a captivating ambiance. That's why our innovative menu is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse palates, featuring an array of exquisite fresh seafood, succulent roast meats, and seasonal vegetables, all nurtured and handpicked from our very own Walled Garden.  

Our dedicated team at Castle Grove takes pleasure in assisting you in selecting the perfect wines from our distinguished cellar, ensuring a harmonious pairing with your meal. In partnership with Donegal's esteemed Kinnegar Brewery, we also proudly offer a diverse selection of exceptional craft ales and refreshing lagers to complement your dining experience.

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